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Step Two: Pick one small, specific change. Look over all your self-ratings in The “How Do You Rate?” Data section at the start of this chapter. Those self-ratings will suggest many changes you should make, but select only one. If you try to do too much, you will probably fail and become discouraged

By setting a “Mission”3 to make only this change, you increase the probability that you will (1) take this action more often; (2) increase your understanding of how psychological factors damage your play; (3) overcome some of these psychological factors; (4) create confidence that you can make other changes.

Select a change with most of these characteristics. They are in their approximate order of importance.

· It must be an action because you can’t really tell whether you’ve changed your thoughts or feelings.

· Pick an action that is relatively easy to take. For example, it is much easier to make a bluff raise than to change your reaction to a bad beat.

· You can easily count how often you do it.

· You really want to make it. Without a strong desire you probably won’t do it.

· You believe this change will improve your play and long-term results. Without this belief you probably won’t do it.

· It is not too far outside your comfort zone. If it will make you too uncomfortable, you may try it once or twice, but you probably won’t stick with it.

· You are confident you can make it. If you don’t think you can do it, you can’t, but the opposite is not true. Confidence increases your chances of success, but doesn’t guarantee it.

· You don’t do it often enough partly because it makes you uncomfortable.

· You will get many opportunities to do it. You need to do it again and again to overcome the psychological forces inhibiting you.

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